What does coochie-friendly mean? 

Somewhere along the way, women's underwear became entirely about sex appeal. We think sex appeal is great, but we also think that comfort and health are important too. So we design our underwear with actual coochies in mind! We think about fit, style, chemical content, pH balance, and all that good stuff so you don't have to. 

What makes these underwear different from other ones? 

  • Fabric: most underwear on the market is made from synthetic fibers (polyester, rayon, bamboo, etc). We use 100% cotton fabric because that's what the cha chas like best and we use organic cotton because that's what the planet likes best. 
  • Dyes: 70% of the dyes used to make textiles contain a chemical called AZO that has been proven to be harmful to human health, especially reproductive health. We use all non-AZO dyes and biodegradable inks for prints. 

What other stuff can I do to protect my puss? 

So glad you asked! We have several blog posts about this topic. A good place to start is our article: You Don't Need a Detox Diet, Your Vagina Does.

What are your sizes? 


A couple things to note about how our underwear fits: cotton is stretchy but not as stretchy as polyester. This means our underwear might fit slightly differently from what you're used to. Just keep that in mind when ordering! 

Why don't you have bigger sizes? 

Adding larger sizes is our biggest priority for 2017! As a small brand, we are limited in our resources but this is something we want to invest in for the future. If you'd like to be notified when we add larger sizes, fill out the form below and we'll keep you in the loop. 


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What is your return policy? 

We don't accept returns for any underwear - because, ew. BUT if this is your first time ordering from us and your underwear doesn't fit, we will be happy to send you another pair in the correct size. We will also replace underwear with quality issues within 14 days of sale. 

T-shirts, hoodies and other items are returnable within 30 days. Contact us at info@thundress.com to process a return.