Protect Ya Puss Thong

Protect Ya Puss Thong


Rep the movement in our signature Protect Ya Puss bikini! Cute but edgy, just like you. 

  • 100% organic cotton fabric 
  • AZO-free dyes
  • Made in Los Angeles
  • 5% of sales go to testing the backlog of rape kits sitting in police custody around the country.  End rape culture now! 
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We founded Thundress because we want your puss to be free of toxic chemicals, but we also want it to be free of all kinds of harm: physical, mental, and emotional. That is why we are donating 5% of sales of our "Protect Ya Puss" products to test the backlog of rape kits sitting in police custody all over the country.

While we acknowledge that the criminal justice system is in dire need of reform, we also believe that rape kit testing sends a message to survivors - that they and their cases matter. It also sends a message to perpetrators that they will be held accountable. We believe that this is one steps towards combating the "rape culture" that is so prevalent today. 

For more information, check out End The Backlog.