Thundress is owned and operated by women of color in NYC and Los Angeles. All the design and conceptual work starts in our brains and is executed by an awesome crew of local pattern makers and technical designers. Read more about our team here.

Organic Cotton

All of our fabric is made from 100% USDA certified organic cotton from Texas.  Most of our competitors make underwear from a blend of synthetic fibers produced overseas, but we like using natural fibers because they're breathable and don't keep us hooked on petroleum products. We also really like being able to support local supply chains and regenerative agriculture. We went to visit our cotton suppliers a few months back and you can read about our visit here.

But cotton, even organic cotton, isn't a perfect crop. It still requires a lot of water and energy to produce and relies on migrant labor. So we are always on the hunt for new and better fabric. We also use standard elastics for the waistband and other trim. As far as we know, there aren't any other good alternatives on the market yet. Draw string undies, anyone?!




After the cotton is picked, it is shipped from Texas to North Carolina where it is spun into yarn and then knitted into fabric. We use two mills in the area, both are family owned and are committed to eco-friendly processes. We can't wait to go visit them in person! 


As far as we know, dyeing can be one of the most toxic parts of making clothing - and it rarely gets talked about. We dedicated a whole section of our website to discussing the science behind textile dyes and why we want to keep them out of our chachas. That's why we were really excited to work with a mill that only uses AZO-free dyes. Our next step is to find a mill that is Bluesign certified and eventually work with natural dyers. 


We digitally print our finished fabric in New Jersey at a facility that uses 100% plant-based, biodegradable inks that are also Oeko-Tex certified. We love this printer because they're easy to work with, supportive of start-ups, and really committed to being eco-friendly. Plus the quality is great! 

The only part of our printing process that we don't currently love is the care label. We've opted to heat press our labels instead of sewing in woven tags, which means nothing scratchy or annoying to rub your booty. But there aren't a lot of eco-friendly options for tagless printing, so these are made from standard vinyl based materials.

Cut & Sew 

Our products are cut and sewn in downtown Los Angeles.  

Memberships & Affiliations

We are also proud members of Women's Voices for the Earth's "No Secrets" Business Partnership. Alongside pioneering brands like Seventh Generation, Honest, Natracare and DivaCup, we are showing the world what companies can do to make the world a better place.