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Why We Need More Than Period Underwear

December 03 2015
I’m a proud owner of a Diva Cup and Thinx underwear (and more), and I’m so glad to see these companies getting the attention they deserve. But changing how we treat our periods is just a prelude, not the revolution itself.

The Eco-Friendly Period Roundup (Video)

November 12 2015
Now that we know Monsanto is pumping chemicals directly into your snatch, the need for coochie-friendly period products has never been greater! This is my first youtube video ever summarizing all the products I reviewed last month. What do you think?!

Sea Sponge Tampons & Period Underwear: A Review

October 22 2015
This week, I put a sponge in my vagina so that you don’t have to. That’s right. Here I am bra-less in oversized sweatpants and a hoodie stolen from a long-ago ex. There is a heating pad strapped to my middle like a fanny pack and I’m binge watching Jane the Virgin with A SEA SPONGE STUFFED INTO MY COOCHIE.

Menstrual Cups: Feminist Torture Devices or Period Revolution? A Re...

October 21 2015
One afternoon a few years ago, I tried to insert a DivaCup into my poon and it did not go well. I couldn’t get it in and when I did it was so uncomfortable it felt like I had put in a contact lens upside down — except the wrenching discomfort was in my vagina and not my eyeball. I spent the subsequent years explaining to anyone that would listen that the DivaCup simply didn’t work for my kind of pussy.

Maxi Pads That Don’t Feel Like Diapers A Review

October 15 2015
Have you ever been at work typing away and you reach for the post-its or to check your phone, only to hear a muffled rustling noise from your nether regions? It takes a moment, but you realize with dread that it’s your “sanitary” pad crinkling like a toddler at day care.

Tampons That Won’t Kill You A Review

October 07 2015
Over the last couple of months, I’ve been slowly test-driving a number of “alternative” period products. It was impossible to review them all during a single cycle because, cramps. And sore boobs. And generally nobody got time for learning any new shit or where to put it when your uterine lining is full-on hari kari and none of the godforsaken bodegas in your hood sell gluten-free chocolate chip Tate’s.