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New Pussy Challenge Day 1: Take A Picture of Your Cooter!

January 01 2018

Every good challenge needs a “before” picture, so get in there!

Don’t worry if you have your period or you’re hungover or you haven’t shaved in a while — this is not supposed to be a glamor shot. We will come back to this picture throughout the challenge so just make sure it’s in focus on there’s enough light to see.

The 30 Day “New Pussy Challenge”

January 01 2018
Starting today, we will bring you one specially curated challenge each day for vaginal health, healing, and sexual wellness. I’ve asked some people I really respect in the field to help me — so you’ll also be getting challenges from a sexologist, gyn doctor, yoga instructor, herbalist and more (including giveaways!!!!). But before we get started I wanted to set some ground rules:

That Time I Steamed My Vagina and Ended up in Urgent Care

September 14 2016
Imagine it’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re bored as hell. The guy you’re seeing is out of town, none of your friends are free, and Tinder is a stew of Donald Trump’s toenails and cottage cheese.

5 Reasons Why The “Panty Challenge” Is The Worst Thing Ever

July 16 2016
In case you aren’t sure what‘s going on here, let me help: people are pulling down their drawls, taking pictures of the dry, spotless crotches of their underwear, and then uploading them to the internet to brag about it.

The 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Favorite Coochie

February 01 2016
Ahhhh Valentine’s Day! The only holiday where you can thank Hallmark for your blow job, Zales for your newly bleached bootyhole, and your local florist for the Sphynx cat that is now your vagina. To my knowledge, it’s the only international celebration where we honor a Catholic saint by exchanging sex acts for fancy dinners. And we punish non-participants in this Festival of Fellatio by calling them sad, lonely, or just bitter.

Why We Need More Than Period Underwear

December 03 2015
I’m a proud owner of a Diva Cup and Thinx underwear (and more), and I’m so glad to see these companies getting the attention they deserve. But changing how we treat our periods is just a prelude, not the revolution itself.

The Eco-Friendly Period Roundup (Video)

November 12 2015
Now that we know Monsanto is pumping chemicals directly into your snatch, the need for coochie-friendly period products has never been greater! This is my first youtube video ever summarizing all the products I reviewed last month. What do you think?!

Sea Sponge Tampons & Period Underwear: A Review

October 22 2015
This week, I put a sponge in my vagina so that you don’t have to. That’s right. Here I am bra-less in oversized sweatpants and a hoodie stolen from a long-ago ex. There is a heating pad strapped to my middle like a fanny pack and I’m binge watching Jane the Virgin with A SEA SPONGE STUFFED INTO MY COOCHIE.

Menstrual Cups: Feminist Torture Devices or Period Revolution? A Re...

October 21 2015
One afternoon a few years ago, I tried to insert a DivaCup into my poon and it did not go well. I couldn’t get it in and when I did it was so uncomfortable it felt like I had put in a contact lens upside down — except the wrenching discomfort was in my vagina and not my eyeball. I spent the subsequent years explaining to anyone that would listen that the DivaCup simply didn’t work for my kind of pussy.

Maxi Pads That Don’t Feel Like Diapers A Review

October 15 2015
Have you ever been at work typing away and you reach for the post-its or to check your phone, only to hear a muffled rustling noise from your nether regions? It takes a moment, but you realize with dread that it’s your “sanitary” pad crinkling like a toddler at day care.

Tampons That Won’t Kill You A Review

October 07 2015
Over the last couple of months, I’ve been slowly test-driving a number of “alternative” period products. It was impossible to review them all during a single cycle because, cramps. And sore boobs. And generally nobody got time for learning any new shit or where to put it when your uterine lining is full-on hari kari and none of the godforsaken bodegas in your hood sell gluten-free chocolate chip Tate’s.

How To Make Your Vagina Prettier In 5 Easy Steps

September 23 2015

I have a pretty good inventory of what women’s butts, lips, waist, hair and skin are supposed to be. But what do these so-called “ugly vaginas” look like on a Saturday night?

Camel Toe: An Insider’s Guide

August 05 2015
According to Wikipedia, camel toe is “a slang term that refers to the outline of a woman’s labia majora, as seen through tightly fitting clothes.”

Bluffin’ With My Muffin: 5 Myths About Pubic Hair (And Why It Matters)

June 02 2015

For many of you, the question of what to do with your cooter coat was answered long ago. You are devoted to your monthly squats on the spa table, white paper crackling beneath your palms and kneecaps while a Russian lady sets your asshole on fire. Or maybe you’ve shelled out beaucoup bucks to get a tiny laser-filled dart zapped into each one of your pussyhair follicles so that you don’t have to frantically shave your bikini line in the soggy, poorly lit bathroom of Mr. Right (Now)’s apartment. I get it.

You Don’t Need a Detox Diet, Your Vagina Does: 10 Ways To Go P***y ...

May 25 2015

Let’s be honest, sometimes things get a bit swampy down there. Oh please, don’t look at me like that. I can see you over there, all: omG! this girl sounds GROSS! not ME! my lady bits are always fresh like sunshine and unicorn tears! *clutches pearls*