Three Ways to Spot A “Fake” Ethical Brand

July 26 2015
These days it seems like everyone and their veterinarian has an ethical product company. We are bombarded with new Kickstarter campaigns for the latest organic hamster shawls or Made in the USA artisanal chamber pots.

5 Reasons Why Your Nipples Are Terrorists

July 14 2015

Everyday I see men with fuller and juicier breasts than mine. They walk down the street with their manmelons bouncing freely, their nipples poking through their white tees eagerly jostling for a peak at the world. And no one seems to care at all. But I go to the grocery store without a bra (it’s one of the best things about having tiny breasts and I take advantage of it as frequently as possible), and men loose their gotdamn minds.

How To Avoid Sweatshops and Still Dress Like A Boss Bitch

June 09 2015

Bluffin’ With My Muffin: 5 Myths About Pubic Hair (And Why It Matters)

June 02 2015

For many of you, the question of what to do with your cooter coat was answered long ago. You are devoted to your monthly squats on the spa table, white paper crackling beneath your palms and kneecaps while a Russian lady sets your asshole on fire. Or maybe you’ve shelled out beaucoup bucks to get a tiny laser-filled dart zapped into each one of your pussyhair follicles so that you don’t have to frantically shave your bikini line in the soggy, poorly lit bathroom of Mr. Right (Now)’s apartment. I get it.

You Don’t Need a Detox Diet, Your Vagina Does: 10 Ways To Go P***y ...

May 25 2015

Let’s be honest, sometimes things get a bit swampy down there. Oh please, don’t look at me like that. I can see you over there, all: omG! this girl sounds GROSS! not ME! my lady bits are always fresh like sunshine and unicorn tears! *clutches pearls*

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