Tylea Simone Richard

Tylea is the Founder and Chief Executive Shit Talker of Thundress. 

She has a decade of experience in social compliance, logistics, sourcing and product development. 

Thundress combines two of her biggest passions: women's health and ethical fashion. She believes that what is good for the cha chas is good for the planet, and visa-versa. 



Diandre Fuentes

Diandre Fuentes is a corporate product designer by day and rogue creative operative by night.

Equipped with an extensive design repertoire and a thirst for industry justice, Diandre hopes to quell her corporate and Catholic guilt by creating sustainable, ethical, bangin' product worthy of every women's bodacious derrière.

In her down time, she enjoys watching Broad City reruns with her english bulldog. And she truly believes that the vagina is nature's pocket.



Lauren Jackson

Lauren is Thundress' Special Events Coordinator, social media strategist and music blogger.  

When she isn't checking one of her various social media sites, she's either attending a music festival or protesting in the streets. 

She hopes that one day, even Beyoncé reps Thundress. 


Amou Ajang

Amou is the Social Media Intern for Thundress.

Local Harlem witch. Senior at Columbia University. Studies Africana Studies, Politics and the Dark Arts. Aspiring novelist. Very black poet.

Feminine power, earth babe & into all things self care. Probably spends to much time following her favorite vloggers on YouTube. Excited about e-commerce & what it can do for alternative markets.